UC Presidential Working Group on Artificial Intelligence

Mission & Strategic Goals

The University of California (UC) is consistently on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and development. While AI can pose significant gains in efficiency, effectiveness, and equity, ill-conceived deployments risk imposing disproportionate harms. In order to guide the appropriate implementation of AI within the UC system, President Drake formed a Presidential Working Group that is charged with developing overarching ethical principles and guides for the University’s current and future use of AI.
The Presidential Working Group will develop UC Ethical AI Principles to guide the development and application of AI in ways that are consistent with UC’s mission and values. The final report will also provide recommendations to President Drake regarding best practices and guidance to:


    • Develop methods and mechanisms to operationalize the UC Ethical AI Principles in the use of existing AI systems and the development of new applications of AI within the UC system, especially in areas likely to impact individual rights, including  Health, Human Resources, Policing, and Student Experience.
    • Make further recommendations on appropriate data stewardship standards for UC data that may be used in the development and use of AI-enabled tools and systems.
    • Create the foundation for a permanent council that will further the principles, standards, methods, and mechanisms developed by this working group to counter the potentially harmful effects of AI and strengthen positive outcomes within the UC system.