UC AI Council

The University of California AI Council was established to further the recommendations set forth by the University of California Presidential Working Group on Artificial Intelligence in its final report published in October 2021. On October 6, 2021, President Michael V. Drake adopted the Working Group’s Responsible AI Principles and related recommendations to guide UC’s development and use of AI in its operations.


The UC AI Council supports the development of training and outreach programs that explain AI and the risks posed, develop risk and impact assessment strategies, offer guidance on documentation of AI-enabled technologies in a public database, and provide additional strategies for operationalizing the “UC Responsible AI Principles” as the Council sees fit.


Brandie M. Nonnecke, PhD
Director, CITRIS Policy Lab

Associate Professor of Technology Policy Research, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Co-Director, Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, Berkeley Law

Alexander Bustamante
Senior Vice President, UCOP


Matthew Bishop, PhD Professor, UC Davis

Josh Bright,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, UC Santa Barbara

Christine Cassel, MD Professor, UCSF

David Danks, PhD
Professor, UCSD

Albert Duntugan
Chief Data Oficer, UCLA Health

Lise Getoor, PhD
Professor, UCSC

Matthew Gunkel
Chief Information Officer, UC Riverside

Rajesh K. Gupta, PhD
Distinguished Professor, UCSD

Cora Han
Chief Health Data Officer, UCOP

Matthew Harding, PhD
Professor, UC Irvine

Matthew Hicks
Director, UCOP

Shanda Hunt
Associate Director, UCOP

Hillary Noll Kalay
Principal Counsel, UCOP

Michael Kennedy
Chief Technology Officer, UC Riverside

Jennifer Lofthus
General Compliance Manager, UCOP

Shea Lovan
Chief Technology Officer, UCSB

William Maurer, PhD
Dean, UC Irvine

Prasant Mohapatra, PhD
Vice Chancellor, UC Davis
former member of UC AI Council

Delia Saenz,
Vice Chancellor & Chief Diversity Officer,
UC Merced

Scott Seaborn
Campus Privacy Officer, UC Berkeley

Jenn Stringer, Associate Vice Chancellor IT & Chief Information Officer, UC Berkeley

Justin Sullivan
Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Procurement Officer, UCSF

Kent Wada
Chief Privacy Officer, UCLA

Van Williams
Chief Information Officer, UCOP

Han Mi Yoon-Wu
Executive Director, UCOP