Tech Policy Initiative

 The Goldman School of Public Policy and the CITRIS Policy Lab have launched a transformative Tech Policy Initiative to strengthen multidisciplinary scholarly collaborations, foster tech policy education and innovation, and inform effective tech-related policy strategies across the public and private sectors.



The Tech Policy Initiative provides students with the diverse skills necessary to understand and address complex tech policy challenges. With an emphasis on providing real-world experiences and valuable employment skills related to tech policy, students are given a firm grounding in core issues concerning the development, implementation, and governance of emerging technologies with a strong commitment to public good.

Collaborative Research

The Tech Policy Initiative supports collaboration between researchers in public policy with complementary disciplines, such as computer science and engineering, data science, social science, and law. Our research supports the public and private sectors’ ability to responsibly develop and use emerging technologies and effectively design and implement policy interventions to address complex tech policy challenges (e.g., disinformation, cybersecurity, data privacy, public trust, economic impacts). 

Changemaker Engagement

The Tech Policy Initiative strives to empower stakeholders to become changemakers, by sharing best practices and co-designing innovative, research-driven approaches to responsible tech development, implementation, and governance. We work with public and private sector stakeholders to help build bridges, foster collaboration across silos, scale and share best practices, and strengthen public support and trust for tech policy.

Our Tech Policy Initiative will leverage the immense intellectual resources of UC Berkeley as well as the powerful networks of both CITRIS and GSPP to ensure that public good, rigorous analysis, and justice are front and center in the ways we design, deploy, distribute, and govern technology in our ever-changing world.

David C. Wilson, Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy

The Tech Policy Initiative meets a critical demand for data-driven, actionable research and training into the responsible development, use, and governance of emerging technologies. The CITRIS Policy Lab is honored to partner with the Goldman School on this impactful initiative to train the next generation of tech policy leaders.

Brandie Nonnecke, Director, CITRIS Policy Lab and Tech Policy Initiative